Thursday, September 1, 2011

chiffon flower earrings

Chiffon frays A LOT but they are cute enough to overlook it...

To start cut 15 chiffon circles per earring, roughly the size of a small plastic spool. Then trace around the spool onto felt. This will be what you sew your circles to and will glue to the earring base. 

Next take one circle at a time folding it in half and fold over a second time.

Now holding the folded circle in one hand and felt circle in the other take needle and knotted thread up through the bottom of felt. Put the needle through chiffon layers to secure.

I put four circles in each layer. After the first layer I make the fold in the chiffon circles go the opposite way as the layer before. I also stagger each layer to give the final product a full look.

When you have three chiffon circles remaining take the needle up through the center of your flower from the bottom, put it through the point of a folded circle and back through the middle of the flower so that this one stands straight up. Now take the other two and attach them the same way on either side of the folded circle in the middle, again having the folds going in opposite directions from the middle one. 

At this point I like to trim off any fraying and make the flower a flower.

To finish glue the flower to the earring base and use 'stop fraying'. I just squirt some out and dab it all over the top and sides of the flower with my seems to work.

And your done! 

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