Wednesday, September 7, 2011

fancy rings

I love gaudy fancy rings! I thought I'd not only advertise what I will be selling this weekend at the craft fair (this Sunday in Mariemont, Ohio from 11-5) but also maybe inspire you to make your own jewelry. You can put just about anything on a necklace or ring and it will probably look cute...I will show you.

For this ring you will need clear vase gems (they should be flat on the bottom), E-6000 or other clear adhesive, ring with flat surface, and cute scrapbook paper.

So first I take my gem and place it over the paper I'd like to use just to make sure I can see whatever the image is. It will be magnified slightly. Once you choose your paper  trace around the circle on your ring or eyeball it...

Glue the paper in place and give it time to dry as seen in photo below. That way the paper and gem won't move around on you while the glue is wet. The finished product is cute but I could not take a good picture of it by itself. (scroll down to the final picture to see finished product)

I am actually really impressed with myself for this next one. I told you you can put anything on rings these days...

I don't know why I originally bought these little farm animals but I'm glad I did. I chose to use the horse for my next ring.

I glued the horse down first with my E-6000 then I used the dried mossy stuff you can get at the craft store to fill in the spaces around it.

Here are a few others I will be selling...a button ring, tea cup w/saucer, and a rick rack flower.

I cannot take credit for the rick rack ring on the right but click on the link for a great tutorial to follow. They are so easy and cute! I will be linking to The Shabby Nest this week.


  1. Hi - you just gave me an idea - I've been collecting those little things that we used in monopoly games - metal shoes, horses, irons, and others, too. Maybe they could be attached to a ring! I bet you could do that for your fair project and make a bit on them! You can buy them on Ebay - that's what I did. I have a clear glass jar of them on the mantel - just for fun. God's Blessings on your work! (leaving full email addie because I don't know what a URL is and they request that to send email so I do anonymous and send my email incase you need it! :) hazelruth

  2. Too cute and the Monopoly idea is good also. Those game pieces, people like and even dice would be fun. Good luck to you and have fun.