Monday, September 19, 2011

The Country Living Fair

Last Saturday Joel and I went to the Country Living Fair with my in-laws. It was a long but fun day filled with eating, shopping, and some more eating! 

At the entrance of the fair was a cute lemonade stand in a vintage RV.

The tiny buildings were also sweet...

Some Fall decorations...

and live entertainment.

We had Jenni's ice cream!

The booths were so cute and packed full of antiques and treasures like this window frame greenhouse...

and this couch. It was only $200! Needless to say it was sold before we got to it.

The fair was not only good for antiques but I also got so many great ideas from the crafts being sold. These are clear ornament balls filled with moss and feathers.

We did so much walking Saturday we tried to take a break whenever we could get one.

Something we learned the hard way and will know for next year is to bring a cart!

We found some great treasures...

including a teeth mold, deer antlers, potato bags, milky glass jar, pots and caddy, old drawer, and a rusted fence. 

I also found some great odds and ends for my craft room!

Some letter flash cards...

and prints to frame for the bathroom and kitchen.

My favorite purchase from the day has to be my Country Living Tote.

Hopefully this will motivate you to go next year. We went to the one in Columbus, Ohio and this year they also had one in Atlanta, Georgia. You can even choose to buy a 1 day pass or a weekend pace yourself and get the full experience.

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