Thursday, September 29, 2011

Accessory Antlers

I love all of the necklace holder alternatives out there, especially the ones using antlers and rake heads. What a great idea to have them on display all the time. I just had mine tucked away in my closet...they probably thought I was ashamed of them.

Luckily I was able to find my antlers at The Country Living Fair. Only $5 for the pair! What! The problem was that they were not yet mounted. All I needed was an unfinished wood plaque from the craft store and a piece of floral scrapbook paper. To start, lay the paper over the plaque and rub your finger around the raised edge...

I found that to be the easiest way to mark where you need to cut.

Cut out your oval then paint the lower part a color of your choice. Once the paint dries lay your paper in place and mark where you want your antlers to go.

I cut out small holes in the paper where the antlers would go so I would know where to drill my actual holes. Now you can glue your paper in place. I just used mod podge. To make my plaque look finished I sanded down the sides of the paper to get rid of any overhang and make it one with the wood...

It's time to drill some holes. I would drill through the wood and also through the antlers first to avoid splitting them. 

Holes in antlers...

Almost done! It will be worth it, I promise. Finally all you need to do is hold your antler in place and put a screw through the back with a screwdriver. Make sure to attach your hanger before screwing in the antlers though.

I love it! Also, I was able to customize it by doing the work myself. Who knew an animal part could look so feminine?

My mother in law knew I was in search of a rake head as well so she bought and sent me one she found for $5 at an antique store. I think they work well together.

And again...

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  1. I like how your nail polish changes with every step. Time for a new post, don't ya think? I want to see those owl costumes.