Wednesday, August 31, 2011

felted acorns

This is a cute decoration for fall and would be a good gift for anyone. What you will need...

as many acorn caps you can find. The tiny ones are the cutest and take the least amount of time to make!

The felting tools can be found at Hobby Lobby. A felting needle tool-the green and yellow one shown in picture, wool roving-felt that comes in what looks like clumps of hair :), a single needle tool-you will want this! It's what will keep your fingers from getting stabbed by the felting tool. Also, a felting mat and fabric glue or any other heavy duty adhesive. 
These things can add up. I'd recommend signing up for the coupons and print double off then you can make someone go with you to use 2 in 1 visit. I would not pay full price for these items...

Sorry, I don't have pictures of the step by step process but I figured out what worked best the more I worked with the roving. Just start with a small amount of roving, roll it up to form a loose ball, use your single needle tool to hold the roving on the mat, begin punching it repeatedly with the felting needle tool. As you are felting the roving turn the ball as you go. You want it to be compacted all the way around to form a ball or egg shape. If it's too small rap smaller clumps of roving around the ball and continue punching until it's the size you want. Then put some glue in the acorn cap and push the felted ball in. You may need to trim up the acorn's hair to finish.
Don't let my directions keep you from trying this...they take no time to make once you master how to use the tools. 

p.s. I will also be selling these at the craft fair in Mariemont, Ohio September 11th.

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