Thursday, September 30, 2010

magnetic tray frames

At the beginning of the week I promised to show you what I planned to do with the trays I bought at the antique mall and as promised here it is. I can't take credit for this one because I got the idea from my crafty mother in law. They are so simple and so cute! Below is the one I made for our house.

Some suggested materials for this project: vintage metal tray, 3/4" round magnets, clear pebbles, stickers, scrap paper, bottle caps, 1" punch, super glue, mod podge, sawtooth hangers

To start I punched out the paper/ pictures I wanted to use for my magnets. If you are using bottle caps the 1" round paper will fit perfectly inside, but if you are making the pebble magnets you will have to trim a little off. You could also just buy a 3/4" round punch...whatever suits your fancy.

Bottle Cap Magnets: Once you have your paper punched out put a small dab of super glue along the inside rim of the bottle cap to attach the paper, you really don't need much for it to hold. I finished by super glueing the magnet to the bottom and put mod podge over the paper circle.

Pebble Magnets: Put a small dab of glue on the magnet to attach the paper, push firmly. Put another dab of super glue on the paper and push the pebble down for several seconds. The glue should spread out between the pebble and magnet. I really like the look of the pebbles because they magnify whatever picture is under them.

And the pebble magnets...

I am planning on selling my trays and wanted to give the option to hang them. Since the trays are metal I just used a sawtooth hanger and attached it where a nail would go with a more goopy super glue. I also put a another glob of glue over the top of the wholes where the nails would go for extra hold.

And the finished trays...



only 2 more...promise.


I probably didn't have to show each one individually but they are just so pretty...and if I found this many you should be able to find 1 for yourself!

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  1. hey, we sold another one of these yesterday. the girl who bought it loved it and asked for your website to see what else you make. i gave her this blog to go to. anyway, you are amazing!