Saturday, September 4, 2010

lets make a deal

So I never thought I could be the girl that wears these shoes...

Don't ask me why, I just had an idea of the kind of girl that could get away with wearing boat shoes and I do not fit the bill. 

There is something appealing however about this shoe that makes me want them...


Maybe it's the idea of wearing these shoes on the boat that I don't have and sunbathing on the deck of the boat that I don't have that appeals to me. Well I tried said boat shoes on today and they are comfortable...they smell new! Now take a look at the "shoes" below!

I know! They ARE shoes...not toe socks. They are gross. My husband ordered them online today and they were on sale, luckily. Shocking I know. Lucky for me they cost the exact amount as my boat shoes so we made a deal that I can get my shoes if he got his. He will be running more and I hope to go boating...more.

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