Friday, September 13, 2013

Living room love...finally!

Almost a year has passed since we moved into our home in Oakley. We love it but we are still far from done. Sometimes I think part of owning your own home is accepting that there will always be something to do, change, or our case anyways. Well I am pleased to post this and be able to say the living room, for the most part is DONE! There are a couple of details here and there that we've put on the back burner because other things need attention first but I love it and it truly feels like home.
Here is a "before" picture. I can't find one of the actual before, when the walls were still covered in awesome vinyl wallpaper but this will do. Take it all in.

It's somewhat embarrassing to admit this but we lived with the room in this state for several months.

And another view...

Even though plaster walls don't look quite as nice and clean as drywall, painting them made a huge difference and covered over a multitude of problem areas.

This room has a similar layout to our previous house but it's quite a bit smaller. As a result the couch didn't fit the space. We replaced it with a scaled down neutral sofa from Restoration Hardware. 

The bookcase is one of the things we'd like to replace eventually. We're thinking wall shelves using metal pipes like we used for the coffee table.

Next to that is a side chair and table. 

The card catalog fit perfectly in this little nook beside the fireplace.

The fireplace...

And decor...


Desk and out of control toys.

Above the desk is probably my favorite area in the living room. I've had the best time making it our home and decorating with things we enjoy looking for and at. I used a desk drawer as a shelf to house my tiny bottle collection, part of a beehive I framed, a couple of W's I've collected, and to the right a small wooden box holds our address stamp for easy access when we're filling out bills.

I love the character of our house, which is something you miss out on with a newer home. We have a mail slot for the mail so we attached crates underneath and shoe trees above as hooks to create some extra storage seeing as we don't have an entryway or coat closet.

Everyone, even Harper are thrilled with the way everything has turned out and even though it was a long tiring road to get to this point it has definitely been worth it. This is my daughter staring out the window, probably at the trash men...

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