Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Country Living Fair 2013

Last weekend was the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio. Two more are held in Rhinebeck, NY and Atlanta, GA each year. Find out dates and info here. It's a weekend centered around eating and antiquing. You can also take a variety of classes, have your own antiques appraised, and meet the editors of the magazine along with professional pickers like Cari from the show Cash and Cari. It's a fun time, but the more popularity it gains the more crazy and busy it gets from year to year. This was our third one and we always walk away with treasures and memories made. There's just something about walking around the fair and seeing all the pumpkins out, it's the perfect way to kick off the season. 

 In Columbus the fair is held in a recreated village from the mid 19th century providing the perfect backdrop for this kind of fair.

Some cute things I saw but didn't buy(books cut into letters and arrow signs)...

Everything is displayed so perfectly.

Joel and I had a set amount to work with just to be fair and reasonable but of course I was the one who overspent. I wanted everything there. He walked away with two things and $50 leftover. He bought a letter from a light up sign and a framed horse picture.

I got four hankies, a piece of fur, a beaker, test tube, apothecary bottles, antlers, and tiny tubes containing watch parts.

However, my favorite purchase from the day would have to be this sweet little salt sack purse.

Last year we had a three month old with us...

And this year a fifteen month old...

Wow time flies!
You should go if you've never been. It's quite the experience if nothing else. 

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