Friday, June 1, 2012

A Dad Bag

In the time that I have been pregnant it has not taken long for me to realize that showers and baby stuff, especially girly baby stuff is more for me than Joel. I didn't want him to start feeling neglected well before the baby was even born so I decided to put a bag together with some odds and ends that were just for him. I planned to give it to him at our 4th and final shower. His co-workers at the school he teaches at were throwing it for us so he had to attend this one...I even made him open all the gifts this time.

I wrapped the gifts up to resemble mail, mostly to introduce him to some of the new titles he may be referred to as...procreator, pappy, and patriarch.

He got a new gym bag for the hospital, some chips and candy, a magazine, t-shirt, and frame I etched "Daddy and Harper" onto.
I'm sure I'm not the first person to think to do this and I didn't put anything too exciting together, but I think it was special for Joel and a small way to let him know that having a baby isn't just about me and the baby. He has been so supportive and nurturing throughout this experience. Of course I am excited about having a precious daughter at the end of this, but when people ask what I'm most excited about I have to say it's seeing Joel as a dad. He is so good with toddlers but to see him with our little baby will be such a special day for me. I picked a good one. 

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