Monday, August 30, 2010

where the magic craftroom!

This specific room has been through several changes since we moved into our house. After it was gutted and newly drywalled it quickly became the catch all room. About a year after we got married my sweet and observant husband decided I needed a craftroom...better yet, a room I could house all of my junk in. He set it up to surprise me and I could not have been more excited to have a space of my own to decorate how I wanted to.

I love purging things and organizing so the couch and egg shaped table had to go. This really opened the space up for less clutter and made the room feel like an actual space for crafts rather than a place to store things.

I chose a calming gray color for the walls because I knew it'd be a room that I would spend a lot of my time in. We found this chair in the Ikea As Is section for cheap so now Joel can feel welcome in the craftroom...

I feel organized and inspired in my craftroom.

The organizer above my bookcase is from Michael's and I got it half off with a coupon. It is a must have in a craftroom and so handy for odds and ends.

Where the magic happens!...ah, I must admit I typically take my materials into the living room to work while I watch TV with desk stays cleaner that way.


  1. What an amazing craft room! That fence was a genius idea! Love it all, every bit of it! Wish I could craft in that room! Awesome.

  2. I love it ! I want to live in your craft room !