Friday, August 20, 2010


Over the years we have been given several things for FREE that we have sanded or painted to make them our own. The first was given to us by my husband's mom. What is now a bench started out as 2 separate chairs we were using on the front porch. We gave them a fresh coat of paint, removed the cushions, and attacked a scrap piece of wood to the top to make the chairs into a bench. We love it and use it in the living room for extra seating or move it to the dining room when we have extra guests at the table.

The second piece was some extra fencing our friends didn't need so I took it to hang baskets on in my craftroom.

The third piece of furniture we got for free is by far one of my favorites and still hard to believe we got it for FREE! A year ago I found it on Craigs List and fell in love with it. We were ready to pick it up and pay $50 for it but my husband unexpectedly lost his job that same week. We decided we shouldn't be buying things we didn't need...even though I thought I needed it! So when my husband called the lady back to break the news to her that we could not buy it from her she forced it on us for free! It needed cleaned badly but once we did that and painted it it was somewhat like new again...

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