Monday, August 23, 2010

freshman 15...errr i mean post wedding 30!

To be honest with you I didn't even know what the phrase "freshman 15" meant until i graduated college. I thought it meant you gained weight from eating junk food, not from drinking. I was a good naive christian girl. I was lucky enough to lose weight in college...thanks to a parasite from the Domnican Republic. It was the best diet ever. Anyways I now am a proud owner of jeans, a plethura of jeans in every size I have ever been. I blame marriage! I loved the weight I was at when I married my husband. I could wear what I wanted and I actually enjoyed shopping. Now I head straight for the purses and shoes. They don't dissapoint and they always fit you. I have put on a good 30'ish lbs since my wedding day which was almost 3 years ago. All that to say I love clothes and I have a horrible habit of shopping for that pre-wedding body I once had and hope to have day. It is crazy. My husband looks at me like I am crazy to be buying a size I no longer am but I think if the dress is cute enough I will be motivated to do something. The following are my "motivation dresses". I just imagine how I will feel in them and what shoes I will wear with them. I imagine we will have money, lots of money and will go some place fancy so that I can wear them out.

1. I got this one at Target a couple of years ago. Yes, it still has the tags on it. I just thought it looked very classy and that it would go well with my dark hair.

2. This one is a coral color, also Target. I actually intended to buy one in my size but I could not bring myself to get the size I needed...some more crazy for ya, I know!

3. This is by far my favorite thing I own. Last year my husband and I decided we could have $100 each to do what we wanted with after we got our tax return check. I knew what I wanted/what I needed. An Anthropologie dress! This one was on sale online and lucky for me it was the last one in the store and it was my size a size I could squeeze into at the time. I knew it was meant to be. I love this dress. I am however at a loss for what color of shoes to wear with it?
That is my ugly secret for you. I buy things I can't wear. This is my year though...I hope.


  1. i gained 50 in four years if it makes you feel better. :)

    (thank goodness i've lost 25 and i'm actually a healthy weight now. :)

  2. Love all these dresses. How fun! I have 30 to lose now since I had Mia. She totally messed my body up. It will never be the same but I hope to wear cute dresses again someday! : )