Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"the goods"

As of yesterday four of my good friends became co-owners of the coffee shop I sell my merchandise at called Redtree. I am so excited for them and the improvements they will make to the shop. Last week I collected the few things I still had there, planning to bring in all newly made items and to begin a fresh start too. A couple weeks ago I tried to sell my stuff at a local event called Oakley After Hours and although I didn't sell much I did get great feedback and several people took my card. I was asked multiple times if my merchandise was posted on my blog somewhere because I have yet to open an Etsy I figured I'd do that today. Below are a few things I'm capable of making as well as the new items that are out and being sold at Redtree currently if you are interested. I know I am down to one fox pillow so I need to make more of those pronto!

Frames $12/$15 (flat and shadowboxes)

Spool Picture Holders $2.50

Small Drawstring Bags $2.50

An Assortment of Pins $3/$5

An Assortment of Necklaces $12/$18/$22 (using charms, bezels, doilies)

Some Bezels w/Resin

 Fox, Whale, and Ohio Throw Pillows $12/$15

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