Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the kitchen

The kitchen is my husband's room in the house...meaning he cooks dinner nearly every night for us, therefore he has earned the right to decorate this room of the house. Don't get me wrong I love it that he doesn't mind cooking, that way I don't have to learn and he is really good at it but some of his ideas for the kitchen had me worried. For instance he wanted to paint our cabinets which may not seem like such a terrifying thing to you but a couple of years ago I didn't know you could do such a thing. Also, it seemed like such a drastic change...especially if we didn't like it. Our cabinets are just stock cabinets because they were the cheapest but they made the kitchen look so dark and dated...

My husband is so gracious because even though he enjoys decorating he has allowed me to make most of the decor choices in every other room in our house so I decided to trust his instinct and go with the painting the cabinets idea...

Maybe this will help you decide to take a risk if you too are hesitant about painting your cabinets. It truly brightened up the whole room. We still need to paint the boards along the bottom among some other minor details but for the most part the kitchen is done and finally feels like our style.

This is an old cart a friend let us have and Joel just painted it to hold our dishes.

Joel loves to have plants around the house so he has lined both kitchen window ledges with them. I love this old chicken feeder we found to use as a planter.

More plants...

Joel decided to remove the cabinet between the microwave and refrigerator to hang shelves. He used scrap wood and decorative brackets we already had. This area is my favorite part of the kitchen.


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  1. what about those floors? who did them? they look great.